Service Division

Grand Traverse Construction’s Service Division is designed to assist clients with small scale improvements, necessary upgrades or replacements, and emergency repairs. Our team of skilled service technicians specializes in entry systems, doors, hardware, building accessories, and bath accessories. We recognize that our clients often need immediate service, and we always do our best to accommodate facilities of all sizes, consistently providing quality workmanship.

We offer solutions to common door problems, including, but not limited to:
Improper door/frame clearance, hinge bind against rabbet or stops, twisted door or frame, frame with rabbets toed in or out, locks fitting too loose or tight in strike, lockset off location on door strike or frame, loose frame due to wear or improper installation, retrofitting lite kits, minor rust repair, steel frame replacement, steel or wood door installation, adjustments or repairs to existing door hardware, replacement of seal (weather gasketing, sweeps, thresholds, caulk).

Contact us for your service needs via email at or by phone at 231-929-1000

Restaurants & Food Service
Our service technicians understand the urgency of food safety and customer health

Retail & Shopping Centers
Repairs and scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure retail shops are functional and presentable

Healthcare Facilities
Secure, clean, and efficient installation and maintenance with minimal disruption to patient care

Financial Institutions & Banks
Timely and high-quality work, ensuring the security of financial institutions with exceptional hardware options

Municipal & Government
Safe, clean service to guarantee a lasting, high-end image of public and private offices

Small Businesses & Corporate Offices
Improvements and upgrades to suit your employees and customer needs

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehousing
Professional, timely repair and installation services to maintain production facilities of all sizes

Hotels & Hospitality
Continue operating at peak performance with our prompt servicing and installation

K-12 & Higher Education
Establish and maintain security measures with our preventative maintenance and contract agreement options during summer and holiday breaks